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GIV-Inspection Tech

Official Sole Distributor and Authorized

Flyability  Reseller in Israel – ELIOS 2, INSPECTOR 3.0 and all Flyability solutions.

GIV Solutions LTD partners with Flyability SA to provide Indoor & Outdoor Proximity & Contact Inspection Technologies by combining Flyability’s expertise in drone technology with GIV Solution’s cutting-edge Smart Asset Management solutions (GIV-BMS™) with the INFOR EAM platform.  

GIV Solutions is the first company to offer a holistic end-to-end integrated solution with Flyability’s products for the asset lifecycle.

The ELIOS 2 Drone technology is utilized for the actual inspection; WHILE “On-Field-In-Flight” GIV'S synchronized mobile  application with the drone “point of interest”  and defects recording with the software system for full digital post processing, with industry leading Asset Management solution, providing a high value, full digital process for the market. This combined technology and solution, creates formal compliant inspection reports, 3D models and digital twins for asset assessment, condition monitoring, maintenance and operations of Enterprise and Public Infrastructure & Assets.



The Elios 2 and the Inspector 3.0 by Flyability, can be used for a variety of ad-hoc inspection and imaging applications, in many industries. Furthermore, after the integration to the smart assets solution of GIV with the INFOR EAM PLATFORM, it also becomes the cutting edge solution for systematic, constant and repetitive asset Inspection full solution: from remote digital high tech robotic sensing device, able to reach any point, such as inaccessible, unreachable, dangerous, risky sites and locations for humans. The combination of both cutting – edge software technology provided by GIV and the advanced drone manufactured by Flyability will ultimately place GIV Solutions and Flyability in a category of the best Indoor & "Within Touch Proximity" outdoor inspections technologies providers in Israel and globally.

ELIOS 2 and INSPECTOR 3.0 developed by Flyability, are innovative technologies for the inspection and exploration of indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces. By allowing drones to be used safely inside buildings, or in short proximity of assets, it enables industrial companies and inspection professionals to reduce downtime, inspection costs, and risks to workers. With hundreds of customers in over 50 countries in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Maritime, Infrastructures & Utilities, and Public Safety, Flyability has pioneered and continues to lead the innovation in the commercial indoor drone space.


For more information please see ELIOS 2 introduction and capability demonstration

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